Roxanne Lowit

Roxanne Lowit

Roxanne Lowit started out as a fashion designer. She quickly latched on to the world of glamour – without herself being part of it – and plunged into the glittering world of show business until she became an accepted member in her own right. 

The founder of backstage photography was soon adopted by the stars as one of their own. Today she is the grande dame of celebrity photography, ever present with her expressive illustrations at glamour events and VIP parties. 

She has taken pictures in New York’s legendary Studio 54 and in Le Palace in Paris, capturing the remarkable and unconventional world of glamour in masterly fashion.

Roxanne Lowits works are on display in reputed art galleries like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Victoria and Albert Museum in London, Moscow Museum of Modern Art and Kobe Fashion Museum. 

Her oeuvre has been the object of numerous solo exhibitions all over the world – in New York, Paris, Monte Carlo, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Düsseldorf and Berlin.


October 2001